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After learning that she had come to school with smudged makeup, perfectionist and Gyaru fashion aficionado Hoshi Morimoto, has a mental breakdown.

She finds herself trapped within a nightmarish version of her rural hometown. Abandoned streets, portals to buildings in different dimensions, deranged teenagers affected by some strange ‘Choking Game’, and a mysterious light in the distant forest that watches her every movement. Hoshi attempts to escape from the new twisted world she finds herself in.  But the golden light emitting from the outskirts of the town, compels her to stay…


• A nostalgic artstyle

• Classic survival horror gameplay with fixed camera angles

• Warp the world around you to explore new paths and discover secrets by holding your breath.

• Exploration in abandoned high school grounds and otherworldly locations

• Fully voice acted characters and cutscenes

• Fight off twisted versions of the town’s residents while actively managing the charge on your taser.

• Look through the environment for unique items and any notes the town’s citizens left behind.

This game is intended for mature audiences and may not contain content suitable for all ages. Depictions of violence, mature themes, and self mutilation by asphyxiation may be present within the game.

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Thanks for the game it was really good! love to play it more when its done! 

Glad you liked it! Cute avatars!

Thank you ^ // ^

Glad to see you're still working on the game. It loosk like it's shaping up well!

Hey thanks for the kind words! I still post the progress of the game on the discord server, anything I produce is posted over there, in it's raw, unfinished form lol. Feel free to check it out, It's too quiet atm!!

Tried out the demo for a video a few months ago and never got around to posting it, had some trouble progressing the gameplay here and there but overall I really enjoyed the setting and visuals, it had a great feel to it. Glad I checked it out :)

I'm not too sure but I think I've seen your video a whiiiile ago. Thanks for checking the game out :)


- Unique reload system that adds tension to combat encounters.

- Interesting asphyxiation mechanic which I think has a lot of potential for the story.

- Good use of certain fixed camera angles for effective jumpscares.


- The visuals, while it evokes a retro and nostalgic style, don't do much in terms of building the atmosphere for me.

- The health item/soda system has the clever effect of making sure players are never soft locked because they will always have full healing items on any save file. But on the other hand, it also lowers tension and disincentivizes players from exploring because there isn't any real gameplay benefits from doing so, considering there are unlimited tazer ammo and no health items outside of the save room. Though this is just a preference thing.


- A lot of the camera placement are incredibly disorienting. I would constantly move forward only to be turned around because the cameras are placed at awkward angles which is frustrating during combat encounters. It also makes navigating the map very confusing, as I would often lose track of where exactly I am. My suggestion would be to make the camera placements and transitions more seamless, or add a classic RE/SH tank control option.

- The asphyxiation mechanic, while interesting conceptually, doesn't really make sense in practice to me. I just can't see why the character has to hold her breath to climb over a desk or how it allows her to predict where the teleporting guy will appear. Maybe once the story is fleshed out it will make more sense, but right now it seems a bit contrived.

Overall, this demo shows potential and I would really like to see more interesting gameplay scenarios and where the story goes in the full game.

Hey! Thank you for the lengthy review and sorry for the late response!

I think the things you've said are fair and make sense. Some has already been worked on. I just hope the solutions I've found will be interesting.

Thanks again for the feedback.

About the asphxiation mechanic, it's talked about as a part of a game people were playing that they'd hold their breath until they grew light-headed and started to hallucinate, which seems to allow you to see deeper into the super-natural realm in Kanpeki. It's not really explained much in the demo but it is super early.


I want to teleport, too

Hold your breath to predict his next location!


Love the art style and gameplay. Really reminded me of old RE/Biohazard! Still a bit confused about the story though but then again it's still a demo haha Would love to play the full game when it comes out!


Great video! Thanks for the feedback. :)


wgy is the intro 10 fucking hours

Watched ManlyBadassHero play this on youtube and it looks great. I love the MC. Can't wait to play it myself when it's out.

Yay! Amazing news.

Made an account just to comment how lovely this game was! Very happy this showed up in my steam recommended

Woah! thank you so much!

Honestly this was the most fun i think i had in a horror game in a while. Huge RESident evil 2 fan so with the more updated tank controls i felt just at home. I had a weird bug with the cat near the last 10 mins of the video. However due to the fun i had It didnt expect my experience but its a bug that good to know exist. *plus made the cat a super fun part of my video. Great relaxing time when i wasn't screaming lol"


Amazing! I'm so glad you liked the game so much!! Thanks for the feedback, we'll investigate the cat bug.I'll check out the video soon!

no worries. Let me know if you need help or would like to know more details. I made it clear in the video for sure but i dont expect you to go through all of that. (so let me know if you need a written explanation of what i experienced) Thank you once again for such a fun game

The bug is fixed! The team couldn't figure out why this bug happened tbh. Good thinking it was the cat, thanks!Stream polite looking cat <3 by Z-Rocha! | Listen online for free on  SoundCloud

Lol truly amazing looking forward to buying the game when you put the full version <3


(1 edit)

The game has some very interesting ideas, I really enjoy the retro graphics, camera angles could be better but they're nostalgic, the sound/ voice acting is superb, and I love the hidden things you have to choke yourself to see!

I see a lot of inspriration taken from games like resident evil here, but same as I said when I was a teen playing RE for the first time, these controls suck. Especially with mouse and keyboard, never in a million years did I think anyone would want to make tank controls on m&k. I think once controller support is added, I think itd be a bit better, but I still wouldnt be a fan of the tank controls lol.

Now that I've gotten my biggest complaint out of the way, I didnt really enjoy the reload system. Its alright and I could get used to it with a longer playthrough, but i think the fact it still locks up even if you just didnt hit it is a bit odd. Im pretty sure a couple times it loaded with the crank so close to the zone I would have been better off hitting immediately.

The spin of having to actually choke yourself to see the hidden bits is a really neat mechanic and appreciated that it provided guidance as well of where I needed to go, because I was so lost at the beginning on what I needed to do. I never tested it but I think even further if enemies might go passive or disappear would be cool too, but that might just be me not wanting to hear those laughing crazy girls again lol!

I know this is only a demo, but I do hope the full game touches on everyone suddenly turning into zombies and the mall shop portal thing that pops up. I see the description saying Hoshi had a mental breakdown, but it just seems like another day to her; It felt a bit unimmersive for all these odd things to be happening around and Hoshi not acknowledging them in the slightest.

Lastly, I also encounted a game ending bug. When I tried to enter the store right outside the school, it just went black screen and nothing else happened. Was left to only force close the game because the menu wouldnt even pop up.

Sorry for the essay, but you guys have obviously put so much love and effort into this game, I really want to see it improved and check out the full game in the future, but I also dont want to be frustrated while playing it and I'm sure you dont want to frustrate your players either. I hope you enjoy the video! Also wishlisted!


Hey, I'm sorry you had to encounter a bug that ended your playthrough.

Thanks for putting so much time into trying to improve Kanpeki and giving us feedback, most of the things you've said in your video and in this comment makes sense to me, feels fair and will be changed in the final game. We're currently working on changing the controls to something more similar to PS2 titles such as Fatal Frame for the steam release of the demo. If you have the time, let us know what you think of these controls when the demo gets out!

Loved the video!



love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Just finished it.. really, really cool.. the taser management is so anxiety inducing (in a great way - for a game like this!). Super keen on the full version. Waving hello from all the way in Australia!


So glad you loved the reload mechanic, it had the intended effect on you!!

Hello from france!

Quite unique and intriguing story and I do love the psychological double edge of the "choking game" mechanic.


Glad you find the story interesting!

Loved the video's thumbnail!

I'm very flattered that it caught your eye.

Show post...

his demo??

This is solid, love the artstyle & game mechanics. It reminds me of the older horror indie games.

Thanks! Exactly the vibe we were going for!

Wow, this is really good! I love everything about it so far. Oh, except that the enemies respawn when you go back to their rooms/areas. Unless it's supposed to be like that for some reason. But I'll definitely be getting the full version when it's ready. Thanks!


Cool video!

Took notes of your feedback.Thank you Jason. :^)

Dev. Lemme be honest with you. This is one of the best itchio indie horror games I've played. I can't wait to play the full game! Ladies and gentlemen, take it from me, THIS IS A ABSOLUTE FUCKING MUST PLAY!

Thank you so much! :^)

Hello.I have a question. Why is there Chinese beside the mirror in the toilet where I just entered the game? Shouldn't the setting of the game be a Japanese university? Although the sign was vague, I did see the outline of Chinese.

Hey! The dev team is very small and mostly european. It's totally possible that we might have made mistakes. Oops! It will be fixed in the final game for sure!

The vibe and atmosphere of the game is amazing >:]

I think I found Itchigo from bleach? XD

And also the not so secret, secret room :-)

[the video is in Spanish]

Itchigo is on one of the posters, good job spotting him lol!



Thanks for the demo and congratulations on the beautiful game. Brazilians love games in this style, I know it's difficult, but it would be great if there were subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese. A hug friends!

We'll try to translate the final game in as many languages as possible!

It would be fantastic, thanks for the effort!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Waiting for the full release


Oh.. Uhm.. hi.. you're pretty close..👉👈

We'll do our best!

Typically, I wouldn't fare well with games with these types of movement mechanics. However, it was implemented decently well that it wasn't majorly frustrating to go through the map. Other than that, the plot of the eye light was interesting as well as the choking mechanic.

(1 edit) (+1)

Bahahaha WHAT A THUMBNAIL 10/10!

Thanks for the feedback! You are part of the few ones that liked the controls!

I don't like the mouse controls everything else is good



Very interesting demo! Whilst the combat is a little janky, I like the visuals, the premise and the overall style of the game. Will definitely keep my eyes out for updates!


my antivirus dont let me play the game :(



Super cool game, great atmosphere reminds me of silent hill style plus fatal frame or something like that. ->

Hey thank you for playing!

I love fatal frame! I wonder what element of the game made you think of it? :)

Haha, certainly couldn't be the schoolgirl protag in a horror setting :).


Already waiting for an apple version to play on my mac, looks super cool!! <


is funny but i did'nt can play it beaucouse i don't have a driver graphics


thank you for such an interesting demo featuring japan. as a japanese person, it was both nostalgic and new experience. those 90s gals are becoming trendy again in 2022 i suppose. i have added my original japanese translation to my video.i think there will be more players from japan if there's japanese language option.

there are few things i would like to share about this game. honestly speaking, i didn't enjoy the control at all. rotating Hoshi using a mouse was really difficult. i wish I could use a controller instead for this type of retro vibe game. it brings better nostalgic vibe in my opinion.

anyways, good luck to everyone and hoping for the full release.

(1 edit)

Thank you for taking the time to translate the game <3

We've been trying to add an actual japanese person to the team, for translation and cultural accuracy. But we've had a very hard time meeting japanese people.. We don't even know where to start, would you have any tips to share? We were suprised that so many japanese people were interested in the game. A japanese translation will be part of the full game for sure.

Thanks for the feedback! We will work on controller support!

Hello Wiloux

Thank you for responding to my comment. If you are interested in more about the localization, please check your DM on Twitter. I’ve sent you a message regarding the localization.



Hahaha.I love This game, love with the style, love with  the voice actor,unique gameplay mechanics, and japanese girl (hehe boay). Good job Dev

For dev,

there is a bug in 22:29. when i enter hallways 1st floor, the camera angle not follow me 😅

Thanks for the feedback! 

We will work on the bug! :^)


ye :^)

This was a great little demo. I really like everything that I see, but I do hope you find a way to make the combat a bit more fluid. Currently, it seems to me like the only real way to fight is to not fight at all or trade hits with the enemies so it's not very engaging. The camera perspectives on the boss fight are also a bit difficult to deal with. 

I loved the voice acting!

Thanks for making games!


Great video,you made me laugh a few times.

We'll definitely work on the many things you've mentionned.

How about for interactive fighting, you'd need to interrupt their winding to attack-animation, and not just spam attack yourself?

Almost missed your message lol!

This could be a solution. But we don't want the player to stun lock the enemies.

Deleted 248 days ago
(1 edit)

I appreciate and respect the effort you've made to reply to folks. So, [[SORTA LAW-DISCLAIMER]] before I open my mouth(figuratively) to do some backseat-game-design.. I should turn-tables to try to look at things from your perspective, most notably from the aspect of being a developer of a potential hit-game.. And only imagination as a limit to what sort people are out there, I might as well disclaim from any and all stipulations toward this game and/or dev. staff considering any&all possible ideas worthy of pursuit or further development; made from or come upon by comments made in a public setting (e.g like this posting) by yours truly.

And eventhough I am not egotistical enough to think I might arrive upon an idea worthy or suitable for the game brewing inside that beatiful, juicy nogging of..(wait what?) ..of your game, yet to be fully realized in an interactable form.. So, no matter how much I'd like to give any of my ideas credence, they might not just be suited for adaptation.. But you know what they say about a broken clock.. So, if by chance I might stumble upon an idea worth pursuing, feel free to use 'em without any fear of claim of ownership..


-So, with all that out of the way; Here's my pitch: ..uhm, wait.. I actually had nothing To pitch.

-Addendum: Oh, actually, the stun-locked enemy-problem could be mitigated with a second enemy.. That would incentivise the player to adapt to juggle enemies, or keep moving.. And the 'attack-animation interruption', while empowering the player, could also give you to the excuse to make the enemies more able to attack the player more readily, i.e when they're on the move.. (though mitigation of the damage could be warranted..
-Both in perspective of difficulty-scaling, and immersion; Picture it yourself how much more difficult it would be to apply strength to a strike when you're in hot-pursuit, while some dumbass-commentor would be running..) 
-This also would require the player to be capable to "twirl around" and strike the enemy on a moments notice..

 Also, like Manlybadass- also professed liking for this atypical mob-behaviour; That some enemies strike/get hit & take a small detour and get hungry to strike once more..(Tho' I do understand why you did it that way.. [R])
-But the mob could also just be able to jump back, --Which could also happen when the player misses the timing to strike at the right moment, or perhaps strikes with some sub-optimal weapon(If other weapon forms are planned)
  ..But some of these would require more thought on enemy placement, to keep things balanced.. Not to mention extra animation-work)..  
     Also, some players simply might not like all that much if all the enemies are aggressive, capable of striking as they're moving, and slink away, just to come back to strike again while chasing.. -So, while knowing some wieners are whiners all the way anyway.. -There should still be a need for the, if you excuse the term: the default-class enemy, you've already presented..

  -But all this is more of a question of where do you want to allocate the effort and resources.. Because intriguing in-world story-telling, which you've been doing great btw, are more then able to carry a game..

 Thus, for purposes of extra-resources, I would've paid++ for your demo, but that being non-possible, I can only indicate interest with ideas, and help you to add more resources for development by vowing not to disturb you with'em again.

--So, if you read this up to here, I can only offer you 5-stars and a parrot-sticker made purely from imagination.
And relieve you of duty to reply.  -d

Edit: F*damn typos.

(4 edits)

What a humble and great post!

Honestly I'm shocked that some people would be so invested in Kanpeki. It feels like a dream. I'd like to give you a reply worth the time you've invested into the game.
I've read your post many times, gave it a few days to try and come up with a good reply, Here goes nothing!

The main inspirations for the combat (while not very apparent in the game) were FatalFrame and DarkSouls. I loved how every fight in Fatal frame felt like a struggle, you need to adapt to the third to first person perspective change, find the ghost, wait as long as possible to charge the Camera Obscura while keeping them in sight and far enough from you to avoid taking damage. And finally take picture. I really wanted to capture this feeling and recreate it into Kanpeki!

I find melee combat very rare in classic survival horrors games and even less interesting. In Silent Hill 3 for example you just mash the attack button and wait for the monster to die. It's not fun nor stressful. We really wanted to avoid that for Kanpeki's combat. That's why we've added the active reload mechanic, I think it works well and that we shouldn't change it too much.

Apart from that I agree that the combat doesn't feel good. And I think the sort of "parry" mechanic (Attack right before the enemy attacks you to inflict a devastating blow to the enemy) you've described could really work into making the combat more nuanced and interesting (As long as the window is short). Having enemies lunge at you could also make it harder and more interesting.

I think we should also rework the stagger system of the game, change it to "Hitting the enemy will stagger them every few seconds" to "Hitting the enemy enough times staggers them, grantting you the opportunity to deal an extra hit without fear of danger". It would make the stagger feel less random and more fair.

I also plan on removing the cooldown between Hoshi's attacks, making her feel more responsive.

Last change I've had in mind was to add a dodge mechanic, I think it could add more depth and allow for different playstyles, it would also make players feel less as if "they're trading hits with the enemies" which was exactly what I wanted to avoid lol.

One other problem I've identified with Kanpeki's combat is that kiling enemies does not reward you in any way. They don't drop anything, they come back when you heal ect... It makes the player try to avoid fights as much as possible which is not something we wanted. I've failed to come up with an easy to implement idea for that lol!

Anyways, these are just ideas I've had, not sure if any of them will go into the final game, I have yet to discuss this with the other team members!

PS : Have you any experience in game design, Unity or Blender? We're looking for motivated folks to work on the game's full release! Let me know if you are interested!

Hoping I gave you something interesting to think about

-Wilhelm! :)

The game is really interesting and it is even more interesting that the weapon for defense is a taser. I would suggest putting in controller support. But beyond that, you nailed it in the game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Thank you! We'll work on the controller support for the full release!

(Ryuji No Ken Wo Kurae!)


Hi there, Jake from Spacefarer Games here. Would you be interested in publishing this game for Switch? We can definately see a market for it there. Contact me at jake@spacefarergames.com to discuss further.





I watched ManlyBadassHero’s video and oh my gosh, I am in love with this game already! The demo was soooo great, I can’t wait for a full release. I have a notoriously bad attention span but this kept my full attention the whole time. I love Hoshi, she’s really interesting.


Thank you so much. I'm glad people love Hoshi!!

a gyaru protag? they're usually the bully or the ones to die first!

not to mention the voice actress is great. usually english voice acting in a japanese based game just doesnt work. but she really sounds like a gyaru. 

this game takes me back to when i  watched my brother play silent hill and resident evil. I AM HYPED

Our voice actresses are gold! We were very lucky that the project picked their interest!

I hope Hoshi will offert something new to the gyaru archetype!

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